Let’s talk about you

You’re a qualified physician. Maybe you’re just out of residency and looking for your first job. Maybe you’ve been practicing for a few years and want a predictable income to start a family with. Maybe you’re a seasoned physician who has simply had enough of the stresses of private practice.

Whatever is motivating you at this stage of your career, consider becoming an IMA inpatient medicine specialist.

A Culture of Hospitalists

At Inpatient Medical Associates, we believe in partnering with hospitals to provide integrated care. To us, this is the heart and soul of the nation’s healthcare system, where the future of medicine—and the business of medicine—is being shaped every day.

In joining Inpatient Medical Associates, you’ll have greater control over your lifestyle—flexibility in both days worked and types of scheduling. And if you’re interested in assuming a leadership position, we offer the tools, the training, and the collegial support to get you there.

Allied Healthcare Professionals

Positive collaboration built on mutual respect among nurse practitioners, physician assistants and physicians is paramount to the success of any hospitalist program. Inpatient Medical Associates is looking for allied health professionals who want to be part of an innovative, collegial team. We offer an environment that combines autonomy with teamwork to deliver high-quality care and a fulfilling professional career. Our physicians are equally committed to that goal.

We'll Show You the Real World

Inpatient Medical Associates is looking for providers with a real interest in practicing hospital medicine the way it needs to be practiced. Our physicians understand the need to combine first-rate inpatient care—however it’s measured—with sound management and fiscal success.

Working with us you’ll develop not just your clinical skills, but your business skills as well. You’ll learn about organizational politics and how to manage the people above and below you. You’ll collaborate with all of the various stakeholders—nurses, administrative staff, executives, fellow physicians, and yes, patients. You’ll learn plenty of things they never taught in med school—real-world skills critical to ongoing physician success and satisfaction.

You will also be a part of one of the most innovative organizations in the field, Envision Healthcare. At Envision Healthcare, we are pioneering solutions to population healthcare challenges. Physician-led Envision Healthcare is the only organization with both the vision and the resources to deploy a provider network in ways that coordinate patient care no matter where or when the patient’s needs occur. This focus on appropriate care at appropriate times in appropriate settings results in better clinical outcomes and better patient experiences at lower costs … for an individual or populations of thousands.