What’s your #1 challenge?

Hospitals are under pressure from all sides. With medical costs out of control, Medicare reimbursements increasingly tied to measurable performance criteria, and greater numbers of physicians opting out of hospital practice, financial performance inevitably comes down to doing much more with much less.

Your Goals Are Our Goals

Inpatient Medical Associates will create a customized program—a “turnkey hospitalist staff”— that meets your biggest challenges. Whatever your top priority, we have the leadership—along with the medical, administrative, and technological resources—to successfully address it.

We Know Hospitals

Our physicians are unusually attuned to hospital issues, and we arm them with proven procedures and sophisticated performance metrics to help them thrive in your environment.

If your patient satisfaction numbers aren’t where they should be, we have demonstrated ways to improve them. If length-of-stay and readmissions rates are dragging down your bottom line, we know how to reduce them. When new reimbursement criteria emerge, we’ll work with you to incorporate them.

A Cultural Fit

We understand from experience that each hospital is unique—that one size will never fit all. We have the flexibility to blend our own culture with the prevailing culture of our clients to make each program work in its own way, on its own terms. Your challenges become our challenges, your goals our goals, in a system aligned from top to bottom for your hospital's success.

Spotlight on Pediatrics

Our Pediatric Hospitalist services are a prime example of what we can bring to your hospital. This program allows children to stay close to home, not just for routine hospitalizations, but also for more complicated issues requiring specialized treatment and care.

The program partners with neonatologists to take care of newborns, attend high-risk deliveries, and respond to neonatal ICU emergencies—an essential part of the hospital’s OB services. There’s also a dedicated pediatric track in the Emergency Department, with members of our team available 24/7.

An Eye on the Bottom Line

A dedicated inpatient medical staff is an idea whose time has come. You get physicians who care about the criteria they’re being judged on. You get tools that can help you deliver steady improvement in those same criteria. Most of all, your hospital will be able to offer the highest quality care while keeping a close eye on your bottom line.

Innovation for Greater Value

As part of Envision Healthcare, IMA can deliver a range of services that support patients after their discharge, preventing unnecessary readmissions. Our innovative approach to mobile integrated healthcare brings together a physician-led team to deliver the right care, at the right time and in the right location. This approach leads to better patient outcomes, higher patient satisfaction and better performance for hospitals in a value-based reimbursement market.

Inpatient Medical Associates provides the staff, resources, and hospital-friendly culture that makes it all happen.